Gramegna Packaging


The WRAPJET system is a combined line for use of film with a heat-shrinking tunnel. The system can pack single or multiple lines of products. It is suitable for packaging products with film only, film plus a cardboard divider or film plus a tray.

The WRAPJET 20 INTEGRAL line can offer the combination of film application only, film plus cardboard divider and film plus tray in a single system.

Models WRAPJET 20 Integral WRAPJET 30 Integral
Maximum reel diameter (mm) 500 500
Maximum reel width (mm) 750 750
Maximum pack height (mm) 380 380
Divider size Min 175 x 250 Min 150 x 200
Tray dimensions Max 450 x 550 Max 480 x 580
Tunnel input dimensions (mm) 700 x 400H
Tunnel chamber length (mm) 2400 2900
Maximum production per minute 20 30

Main features

  • Separator for the incoming product
  • Channelling system for rectangular or square products
  • Tray formed with a total wrapping system using hot glue
  • Switch to enable-disable the insertion of the cardboard sheet
  • Option of customising the line based on your product
  • Line motion and control with PLC
  • Touch-screen operator panel
  • Option of dividing the packs into two parallel paths


  • Kit of wheels
  • Pneumatically lifted dragging roller to apply the film in order to facilitate reel change operations
  • Electric winch to lift the upper film reel
  • Sealing bar height adapted automatically
  • Pneumatic presser for product pressing
  • Guides for product containment after the sealing bar
  • Side guides to protect the product inside the tunnel
  • additional 400 mm of insulated tunnel
  • Film presser rollers
  • Photocells at the tunnel outfeed to accumulate packs and prevent them from being blocked inside it
  • Section of the conveyor with thick rollers and positioned below the pack cooling unit at the tunnel outfeed. This system is ideal for a good combination of products