Gramegna Packaging


Heat-shrinking wrapping machine with sealing bar, suitable for wrapping products from multiple production lines combined in "straight" or 90° conveyor lines.

The models available are equipped with: the film only Mod. (R70) - with Film and Cardboard divider Mod. (R70F) - with Film and Tray Mod. (R70V)

Models R70 R70 F R70 V
Sealing bar (mm) 700 700 750
Maximum pack height (mm) 380 380 380
Divider size Min 175 x 250 Min 150 x 200
Max 450 x 550 Min 480 x 580
Tunnel infeed dimensions (mm) 600 x 400H 600 x 400H 600 x 400H
Maximum production per minute 18 - 22 18 - 22 20 - 25

Main features

  • Max. width of the pack depends on its height
  • Separator for pack infeed
  • Vibration system to facilitate the separation of the products at the infeed coming from the lines
  • Machine that can be customised according to your products
  • PLC-controlled machine
  • Intermittent pneumatic closure system with friction rotating bar thrust, driven by variable speed motors to move the products according to the required configuration
  • Tray formed with a perimeter wrapping system using hot glue
  • Switch to enable-disable the insertion of the cardboard dividing sheet
  • Safety devices made of Lexan aluminium according to EC regulations to prevent accidents


  • Kit of wheels
  • Pneumatic lifting system of the film dragging roller to facilitate reel change operations
  • Electric winch to lift the upper film reel
  • Sealing bar height set automatically
  • Product pressing pneumatic system
  • Guides for product containment after the sealing bar
  • Side guides to protect the product inside the tunnel
  • Additional insulated tunnel 400mm
  • Film presser rollers
  • Photocells at the tunnel outfeed to accumulate packs and prevent them from being blocked inside it
  • Section of the conveyor with thick rollers positioned below the pack cooling unit at the tunnel outfeed. Ideal system for a good combination of products which are only packed with film.