Gramegna Packaging


Automatic and semi-automatic machine with sealing bar and infeed conveyor belt. With only the infeed conveyor belt - for models (MS 70L, 90L) or the infeed and outfeed conveyor belt for models (MS 70AL, 90AL, 115AL).

Models 70 L 70 AL 90 L 90 AL
Bar (mm) 700 700 900 900
Maximum reel width (mm) 680 680 880 880
Tunnel infeed dimensions (mm) 600x400h 600x400h 800x400h 800x400h
Tunnel chamber length 1300 1300 1500 1500
Maximum production per minute 6 - 8 7 - 10 6 - 8 7 - 10

Main features

  • Max. width of the pack depends on its height
  • Sealing bar with a film cutting blade (no smoke during the sealing step) actuated by a pneumatic cylinder
  • Height of the worktop: 850 +/-25mm
  • Air consumption: 8 NL/min. Air supply required 6 bar
  • Power supply: Option between 3phases 220V and 400V 3phases + Neutral
  • Photoelectric cell that blocks the sealing bar if it finds an obstacle in its path
  • Automatic upper and lower wrapping system of the film reel with dragging rollers
  • Heat-shrinking film reels with max diameter 350 mm - thickness between 35 and 100 microns
  • Heat-shrinking tunnel insulated with rock wool and heated with resistors. Forced ventilation with air circulation
  • The temperature of the sealing bar and the tunnel is controlled with PID temperature controllers
  • Internal conveyor belt in the heat-shrinking Tunnel, driven by a gear motor with adjustable speed and featuring a steel grid, shaped like thin mesh with side chains
  • Switch to change the cycle from automatic and manual to semi-automatic with a pedal


  • Guides for product containment after the sealing bar
  • Pack cooling system installed at the tunnel outfeed
  • Self-sizing mechanical presser for unstable packs
  • Film presser rollers
  • Side guides to protect the product positioned inside the tunnel
  • Machine mounted on wheels
  • Section of the conveyor with thick rollers and positioned below the pack cooling unit at the tunnel output. Ideal for a good combination of products which are only packed with film
  • Upper and lower film reel insertion rollers to make replacement easier for the operator
  • Signal system that indicates the end of the reel
  • Automatic upper and lower film reel centring system by means of a handwheel