Gramegna Packaging


An automatic and semi-automatic packaging machine for medium-high production speed with a sealing bar, infeed/outfeed conveyor and heat-shrinking tunnel, all in a single unit.

Models 4AL 4AL Speed 6AL 6AL Speed 7AL 8AL
Bar (mm) 750 750 950 950 1150 1350
Maximum reel width (mm) 730 730 930 930 1130 1330
Maximum pack height (mm) 380 380 380 380 380 450
Maximum production per minute 10 - 12 20 - 22 8 - 10 18 - 20 7 - 8 4 - 5

Main features

  • Max. width of the pack depends on its height
  • Polyester infeed-outfeed conveyor belt with high friction coefficient. Product centring guide.
  • Sealing bar with cutting blade actuated by a pneumatic cylinder (no type of emission during the sealing stage)
  • Height of work surface: 850 +/-25mm
  • The temperature of the sealing bar and the tunnel is controlled with PID thermostats
  • Safety photocell that blocks the sealing blade if it detects an obstacle in its path
  • Automatic upper and lower system to unwind the film reel with dragging rollers
  • Max diameter of the heat-shrinking film reel 350 mm – thickness between 35 and 100 microns
  • Heat-shrinking tunnel insulated with rock wool and heated with resistors. Forced ventilation system with air circulation.
  • Conveyor belt of the heat-shrinking tunnel in thin steel mesh with a speed adjustable gear motor
  • Machine with a Siemens S7 PLC and TP 177 Operator panel
  • Voltage supply: optional choice between 3-phase 220V & 3-phase 400V+ Neutral
  • Air consumption: 100 NL/min for simple models 200 NL/min for fast models. Compressed air required 6 bar
  • Switch to exclude all other machine operations and use it as a conveyor belt
  • Switch for the machine use cycle change in automatic, manual/semi-automatic mode with pedal-start

Optional features

  • Guides for product containment after the sealing bar
  • Side guides to protect the product installed inside the tunnel
  • additional 400 mm of insulated hood positioned at the outfeed of the heat-shrinking tunnel
  • Photocells at the tunnel outfeed to accumulate packs and prevent them from being blocked inside the tunnel
  • Self-sizing mechanical presser on the pack for unstable products
  • Film presser rollers
  • Electric winch to lift the upper film reel
  • Pneumatically lifted dragging film roller to facilitate reel change operations
  • Machine mounted on wheels
  • Section of the conveyor with thick rollers positioned below the pack cooling unit at the outfeed of the heat-shrinking tunnel. This station is ideal to group products which are only packed with film
  • Sealing bar height set automatically