Gramegna Packaging


EAGLE 30 has always been the smallest model in the range of packaging machines that Gramegna offers on the market. Designed for small/medium-sized production companies, its versatility and minimum footprint represent its strength. The absolute reliability and high yield, combined with low energy consumption and easy use, are the characteristics that make EAGLE 30 one-of-a-kind in its category.

Main features

  • Sealing bars measuring: 380x250 mm
  • Max width of film reel: Ø200 x 350 mm
  • Machine dimensions (with open cover): 930x550x580mm
  • Machine weight (Net/Gross): 36/48 kg
  • Voltage supply: 200/230 (1Ph)
  • Production: up to 300 pcs/hour
  • Front control panel with 4-digit display
  • Innovative handling system of the Plexiglass hood
  • Safety check of the sealing blades
  • Innovative micro-puncher
  • 10-program board: programming versatility
  • Safety thermostat applied to the heating elements

Optional features

  • 2nd tabletop reel support
  • Carriage